Guaranteed diving... NO MATTER WHAT

Even in Paradise we have weather events that keep us from diving and like almost any dive location, weather related port closures are common.

We value your Vacation time and budget so we've worked very hard to

develop ways to keep you diving.

Aldora Divers are the only dive company that take our customers to the Windward

East side of Cozumel when the weather allows.

We are the only dive shop that have boats stationed and run regular

trips for those who are interested in diving the windward side.

Dive sites like the cannons and anchors of the Spanish Galleons,

forests of elk horn coral, and many other things,

make this diving quite different.

The Canons of the Spanish Galleon Shipwreck

When we visit the east side of Cozumel the must see dive site is the site of the Spanish Galleon shipwreck where it's cannons and anchor

can still be seen.

After this you can see the incredible healthy colonies of Elk Horn coral and 'canyons'. 


A truly enjoyable dive, not to be missed! 

Aldora divers Hanan 01.jpg
Aldora Divers Elk Horn.jpg

Scroll through our videos below to see What diving the East side of Cozumel is like!


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