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Hurricane Insurance

At Aldora we know how valuable your dive vacation days are and want to make it easier for you to take, what we feel is a minor risk, and enjoy the low season prices and warm waters of Cozumel that remain in "hurricane season".

We have instituted a Hurricane Insurance policy for lodging and diving.

If a hurricane should interrupt your dive trip there are several ways we can make it less onerous for our customers.

  1. If you should decide to cancel your trip at the last minute because of a hurricane threat, your deposit is fully refundable with no questions asked. 

  2. If you do come on down and miss diving days because of a hurricane's approach or impact to Cozumel: We will give you credit for free diving on your next trip, equivalent to the number of days that you missed because of the hurricane. You will not be charged for the missed dives, so on your next trip the free diving might equal or exceed the airfare you paid for the aborted trip.

  3. For guests of the Villa Aldora who might miss diving because of a hurricane, there will be no charge for the nights spent waiting out the hurricane, or even the threat of hurricane. The bottom line is that with Aldora you will not pay for dives you don't get, nor will you pay for lodging that was used without diving because of a hurricane.

Finally, if you do get the opportunity to experience a hurricane, there is no safer place in the world to ride out a hurricane than Cozumel. With no Federal Disaster aid, all buildings in Cozumel are constructed of concrete and everyone is well versed in preparation for hurricanes. The Villa Aldora has metal hurricane shutters and emergency generators, all set up to go.


In our opinion September through October are among the best of months to dive Cozumel! The water is warm, hotel rates are lower, the crowds are down and there are far fewer cruise shippers on the streets. And perhaps best of all there is virtually no risk of a "norte" or north storm that closes the port to diving. 

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