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Our Aldora Adventures is a full day 3 tank nitrox dive trip

to the North and East side of the Island of Cozumel. 

We have a range of secret sites to choose from on this not to be missed dive trip! 

Learn how to use a Hawaiian Sling and hunt lion fish to be prepared by our captain for fresh

ceviche for lunch on board. 

Visit the Caves of the sleeping Sharks, see the squadrons of eagle rays,

explore the cannons of the Spanish Galleon shipwreck

and pristine Elkhorn Coral formations on the East side of the Island. 

The Aldora adventures is an advanced day of diving, for experienced, Nitrox certified divers only. We require a minimum of 4 divers and that you have been diving with us for a couple of days before booking on this trip. Boat departs at 7.30 am from our downtown dock. 

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One of our greatest Aldora Adventures trip is

"The Caves of Sleeping Sharks" where large Caribbean reef sharks can be found sleeping in a somewhat catatonic state.

This is the place where the fabled Isla Mujeres Sleeping sharks ran and hid. Here there is also pristine coral formations with squadrons of eagle rays and other pelagic life abound there.

A dive not to be missed!

We are also the only shop on the Island to offer dives to the beautiful East Side of the island when weather permits.

Ever hunted Lion fish?

On this 3 tank dive, you have the choice to learn how to use a Hawaiian sling spear to hunt the lion fish that are abundant in the northern reefs of the island. All fish caught is then freshly prepared by our captain for a delicious fresh ceviche lunch. 


The Canons of the Spanish Galleon Shipwreck

If the weather permits we may have the option to visit the east side of the island and visit the site of the Spanish Galleon shipwreck where it's cannons and anchor can still be seen.

After this you can see the incredible healthy colonies of Elk Horn coral and 'canyons'. 


A truly enjoyable dive, not to be missed! 

Aldora divers Hanan 01.jpg
Aldora Divers North.jpg

Scroll through our videos below to see the best of our Aldora Adventures Trip!


Dive with us!

For bookings please book through our reservations button in the menu. 

Or if you have any questions about diving with us please contact us through our contact form below or email us at and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!

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