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Emergency Relief Fund

Dear Fellow Aldorians,
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the island of Cozumel, as it has most of the world, to a halt. Consequently, Aldora dive operations have been shut down indefinitely. The hardworking staff at Aldora, who rely on hourly wages and tips, are suffering financially from this trauma. Their daily income all but disappeared overnight.

Now is our chance to give back to those who have given us so much joy over the years.




Since 1995, at Aldora Divers, we pride ourselves on giving the best experience and service available anywhere while diving the beautiful and diverse reefs in Cozumel.


Aldora Divers Cozumel


Day Dives in Aldora

Day Dives

We have plenty to choose from, we can dive in the marine park, the east side or north of Cozumel.

Pairing divers by experience, skill level, and interests, to do two dives. Departing every day at 7:30am from the downtown dock.


Night Dives

Night reef dive in the Marine Park Arrecifes de Cozumel, one dive departing at Dusk.

Guaranteed night dives every Wednesday and Saturday, booking in advance. We can run a night dive any day with a minimum of 4 divers or a private charter.

Night Dives in Aldora


Lion Fish Hunting Dives in Aldora


Lion Fish Hunting Trips

Explore and hunt some Lionfish on a dedicated Advanced Nitrox charter to the North or East Side of Cozumel.

Nitrox certification required; you have to have dived with us a couple times before.


Villa Aldora

For your surface intervals, Villa Aldora is a unique choice in Cozumel accommodations.

Our beautiful beachfront property is exclusive for Aldora Divers and allows our customers to be picked up and dropped off at our dock at the Villa.

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Villa Aldora


Windward Diving

Dive the East Side. Explore and get some Lionfish on a dedicated Nitrox charter to dive the East Side of Cozumel.

Nitrox certification required; you have to have dived with us a couple times before. Long Range dive trip.


East Side Gold


Caves of the Sleeping Sharks

Aldora Special Operations

Aldora Adventures

The Caves of the Sleeping Sharks

Recently Aldora divers discovered 5 large coral heads way to the north of Cozumel in which large Caribbean reef sharks can be found sleeping in a somewhat catatonic state.

This is the place where the fabled Isla Mujeres Sleeping sharks ran and hid. Not only the sharks, but the pristine coral formations with squadrons of eagle rays and other pelagic abound there.

Long range, full day, 3 tanks dive trip to the North of Cozumel, departing at 7:30am from the Aldora dock.

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Aldora Divers with Pete Bucknell

World's Best Diving & Resorts Aldora Divers circa 2016

Cave of the Sleeping Sharks

Discovered Reefs North of Cozumel

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  • Life is diving, the rest is just a long surface interval.

    — Memo


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