Guaranteed diving... NO MATTER WHAT

Even in Paradise we have weather events that keep us from diving our normally placid and beautiful reefs and like almost any dive location, weather related port closures are common.

We value your Vacation time and budget so we've worked very hard to develop ways to keep you diving.

40 Foot Fast Boat Rule

In moderate sea conditions the Port Captain frequently allows larger boats to go to sea. Aldora has a 40 foot boat named the Felicity. It's big and rated for 16 divers, but it is just as fast as the smaller Aldora Fleet and more comfortable in rough weather.

Windward Diving

We are THE ONLY COMPANY that takes you on the Windward east side of Cozumel.

We are the only ones that have boats stationed and running regular trips for those who are interested in the "Other Cozumel".

Spanish Galleons, forests of elk horn coral, and many other things, make this diving quite different.

Indeed, in November of 2006 the Westside was closed to all boats for 5 straight days due to the strong winds from the cold fronts commonly know as Nortes. Many vacationers never got to dive at all, and most of those that did had to settle for pretty boring beach dives on the eastside which were hastily set up by their dive shops.

Cenote Trips

Another service we recommend our dive customers all the time, but is especially important during a port closure, is a guided, all-inclusive trip to dive the world famous cenotes and underwater caves on the mainland, please contact the dive shop for more information.

Dave Dillehay | Founder of Aldora Divers

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