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 COVID 19 

We are taking every and all measures possible to make your visit safe; following state and federal protocols, implementing our own measures above and beyond the federal and local regulations, and all staff have already undergone the necessary training.

In Cozumel, it is mandatory to wear masks in all public spaces.

Please when visiting us make sure to wear your mask at the shop and on our dive boats,    in order to protect our staff and other divers on board. 

We ask all customers at this time that at the end of their diving day they take their wet suit back to their accommodation with them.

Our team will look after sanitizing and cleaning the other equipment. 


We are working with the International Hospital directly across from our shop to help provide our customers with appointments for PCR and Antigen tests necessary for travel. 

Please make your own appointments by calling or emailing the hospital on the numbers below. If you have any trouble with organising an appointment we will be more than happy to help you at the shop once you arrive. 

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Get in touch with us!

Have a Question about any of the information above?

Please contact us through our contact form button below or email us at and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!

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